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Sabah Adventure Challenge 2006

Registered Teams 2005

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Registered Teams 2005
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Registered Teams effective 15th March 2005


S&M 1(Lee/Lopez/Ling)-Sing (3 person team)

S&M 2((Yoke Meng/Ho Win Nie/Yap Chi Wei)- Mal/Sing(3 person team)

Eco-Dive (Karim/Udin/Boyou)-Malaysia  (3 person team)-Mal

Raging Drifters-(Arambarri/Munro)-NZ/Can 

Buckshot (Minggu/Amir)- Mal (Extreme) 

Black Mamba (Burton/Kohutynski)- UK/USA  (Adventure)

China Jump (Shand/Richards/Hage)-US/NZ/Aust (Extreme) (3 person team)

Ayam Brand (Calloud/Vetter)-France/Switz (Extreme)

Team (Ong/Low)-Sing (Extreme)

Shrewsbury  Amazons-(Tallis/Kiar) Can/UK (Adventure)- All Womens

Sabah Challengers (Salagan/Yusoff)- Mal (Extreme)

Shrewsbury Storm Bangkok 1 (McLeod/Khun Chai) Can/Thai(Extreme)

Shrewsbury Storm Bangkok 2(Raess/V.Rijswk) Swiss/NZ(Extreme)

Y&Y-(Yamin/Yatim) (Extreme) Mal

Malaysia Airlines 1 (Extreme) Mal

Team BRATS (Cocks/Allen)-UK/USA (Adventure)

Johor Parks (Adventure) Mal

JENOVAN NISSI (godwin poh/ philip poh) (Adventure) Mal

The bald and The beautiful  (Timmons/McDonald) -UK/USA (Adventure)

PB 1 (Tan/Bhalla) (Adventure)

PB 2 (Sidek/Adre) (Adventure)

Bundu Paka-Melangkap (Adventure) (3 person team)

Sutera Harbour 1 (Adventure)-Mal

Sutera Harbour 2 (Adventure)-Mal

Greg & Claire (Adventure)-NZ/NZ