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Sabah Adventure Challenge 2006

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The Sabah Adventure Challenge (SAC) is back for the 7th year. It enjoys a reputation for providing a very challenging race which covers some of the most spectacular scenery in Borneo. Unique in its format, Sabah Adventure Challenge has teams of two participants per team racing from dawn to dusk. These teams will be traversing jungle clad mountain ranges, down cascading rivers and hiking through some of Asia's prime rain forests. 


Race Disciplines are:


  • Mountain Biking
  • Navigation with Compass and Maps
  • Water Activities
  • Hiking and Trail Running

Sabah Adventure remains unique because it offers novice and

experienced teams a challenging experience over the course of three days where teamwork, preparation and the spirit of adventure racing all play a part in determining your success or failure in completing the race.



  • 40% of the Race Course consists of Mountain Biking.
  • 30% of the Race Course consists of Hiking/Navigation.
  • 10% of the Race Course will include Tire Tubing.   
  • 20% of the Race will include Kayaking. 


For more information please contact the race organizers at