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Sabah Adventure Challenge 2003

Confirmed Teams

Teams of 2
Alpha Omega Global       UK/Argentina
Yank 'n Pom                  Brunei
Hard Yards                   Thailand
Cool Runnings               UK / Thailand
TriHarder                      UK / Brunei
Peak Performance          Singapore
Funky Kooky                 Sabah, Malaysia
Jet Asia                       Indonesia
Hempel Challenger        Singapore
Sutera Harbour 1          Sabah, Malaysia
Sutera Harbour 2          Sabah, Malaysia
Sutera Harbour 3          Sabah, Malaysia
Sutera Harbour 4          Sabah, Malaysia
Sutera Harbour 5          Sabah, Malaysia
Team Midas                 UK/Singapore
Team Trekforce            UK
Kili Kili Baho                Singapore
Teams of 4
Borneo Ultimate            Malaysia
Amercelts                    Singapore
Foot Soldiers                Philippines
Top Gun                       Malaysia
XMen                           Malaysia
Four Parts                    Austrailia

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